At the time of this writing, Kent and Kirsty Willis have already crossed America once, and are swinging back, in what will probably amount to more than 14,000 miles of a whirlwind sales trip to homes and club meetings.

At least once a year, Australian Opal Mines tries to bring the best of the opal fields directly to our customers. Not only is this a great service to our old customers, but this is an invaluable way to meet new ones.

By doing lectures and showing pictures of opal mining, this has served to highten the awareness of the opal, its beauty, its rarity, and its many forms.

For those of you who miss this year’s visit, we offer some pictures of some of the better gear that they are offering, and a note that you should certainly let us know that you would like to be on our list for next year!

There are too many pictures to put on a single webpage, so we’ve put links here so that they can also be found from the gallery index.

Here’s just a sample:

And here’s a little information and links to some of the beauties they offer :