Here’s what some of our customers say

Murray, Thank You for being a great, and positive influence upon me personally, upon many, many people worldwide who have come to know your name and reputation as being synonymous with excellence in quality, outstanding customer care and support.

Standing behind every single stone you have brokered throughout your 60 plus years of doing what we both share a passion for.

Opals, opals and more opals!

You have set the standard for bring to market some of the best rough opals the world has seen throughout all the years you have been doing what you do. More than that, you have quite literally changed lives for the better throughout your own life both as an educator and as one of, if not the best opal broker, arguably, in the world.

You’re a great man and I am honoured to be in your list of people that you give consideration to. It humbles me greatly and inspires me as much.

Happy Birthday, sir!

Enjoy every moment as I know you will.

Thank you for everything you have done.


“Your opals are a good topic I still share with my Dad. I think I told you he is in the nursing home. He is 94 and 1/2. Your opals give me something to look forward to. I really enjoy thinking about how to cut them, and I hope I can get back at it soon.”

…there was very little waste. 20.55ct of this quality squid, for what I paid you, is a … crime Murray. I expect to have the SA cops arresting me at work tomorrow for theft. … the 2 grand Murray, it has to be worth twice that.

There is no better opal rough in the world than your gear period. I have cut opal from all major and a few obscure locations around the world, and a few one offs that were just plain unusual opal from our Cascade Mountains, and they all fade next to, and are not as stable as yours in comparison. I can guarantee this to you Murray. Should I ever win the Loto, or somehow get to where I am sitting on a lot of dollars, I would buy all of your Andamooka strait off.

I bought opal rough from you in the early and middle 60’s when I was only 16-17 years old. Well 47 years later still love and cut opals. I live in Seattle Washington.
Good to see you are doing well and love your site.
I turned my opal cutting and other stone cutting into a trade as a custom gold and platinum jeweler.
June 2010

Thank you once again for opportunity you have given me to own
and adore your beautiful opals. †They really are my prize possessions!
It is extremely generous of you, and very rare also, I am sure.
October 2008

I have purchased almost two dozen opal specimens from AOM and I’m just thrilled. I just love the wide variety of opals from stunning shells and beautiful boulder to unique (and eye-popping) Olympic ‘verticals’ and Mintubi sheet specimens. I am not a big buyer, but Murray has always taken the time to answer my questions and provide me with terrific information about the opals I’ve purchased. He goes out of his way to make the opal fit the buyer. Working with Murray is a true pleasure, and an educational experience ! (9/2007)

…. Thanks for the extra attention you provide. You do an awesome job running your company, you should be proud. Your customer service is off the charts ! (8/2007)

…Your site is terrific. I enjoyed browsing around. I am a novice opal lover looking to purchase a few stones. (6/2007)

…And I might add that even though selling opals is your business,
few businessmen would go as far as you have always gone to make your
customers happy and to provide opportunities to have these beautiful treasures.
And I personally am very grateful for what I will still call your generosity.

Thank you for these beautiful pictures, and for thinking of me!
I hope your family is well.
I will definitely be checking out your web site too.
We have our Thanksgiving feast tomorrow, and think of all we are
thankful for. I’m thankful for knowing you, and for the opals that
have allowed me to make gifts for friends!


I’m glad to have bought opal from you, because you are the only REAL opal seller that I have met. Other sellers are all cutters and I have seen whole parcels in which every opal has been “explored,” by grinding into it and the surface polished to hide their “exploration.”

Opal should be sold as you sell it – untouched (unless the person you got it from did some “exploration” of their own)


“The opal dealers on eBay have no bargains and really have nothing that I can’t get for a good or better price from you — and you have the good stuff! You are the only one that I can trust who does.”

“It is a pleasure, and a treat doing business with the folks at Australian Opal Mines. It is reassuring to have such honest, kind and really helpful people to work with. Buying opal online sounded like a very risky proposition, to me, but everything that I have ordered looked better than the photographs on the web page! I’m very happy with the service, the quality, and the Mates I have met through taking a chance on Australian Opal Mines. I’m looking forward to years of cheers with you guys (in America, that means gals too these days), and the awesome opals you have for sale. We’re going to get there to meet. and thanks for teaching me how to spell Crickey, mate.”

“I got my recent parcel on last Thursday. The painted lady is something else! I’ve never seen a real one; the colors are glorious.
I love the other stones too and my bracelet.
You take such good care of me, I appreciate you so much.
Any other Opal dealer on line, might really take advantage of me after a purchase and then send me Crap.
I’m glad I have you in my corner.
Believe me, I have heard all the war stories of unscrupulous Opal dealers. God Bless, the kid.”

Thanks again for your thoughtful communication and customer service.
October 2008

…You’re the fastest business I know of, I don’t know how you do it… (10/2007)

…I started with a few very small purchases and at last count I’ve invested …. with AOM ! And I have to say I am thrilled ! …your website IS educational. You’ve put a lot of thought into it and that is what drew me to you in the first place… (9/2007)

The beads arrived and they are absolutely gorgeous…I am very happy with your selection. Thank you ! I love the rondels and will be buying more of these soon !

…I’ve visited a number of web sites that show opal specimens and roughs and I keep coming back to yours… (7/2007)

WOW, it is better live than in photos.
As you can see the package arrived today and I am more than pleased.
Will send you a photo of it after it is set.
Again thank you and have a great holiday.

The opal beads are lovely and I will be happy to
present it to my wife as her Christmas present this year!
Many thanks for making my Christmas shopping easy.

I just got the pendant! I love it. She is really beautiful.
In fact I am wearing it today on an omega necklace.
Thank you so much. Looking forward to doing a ring.