The real cost of mining is often more than Dollars

Terrible things are happening here – they sent the wrong fuel pump to Kent and he came down to Adelaide to fetch another rather than wait 4-6 more days.

It may seem like a real bother to drive the 600 miles each way, dodging the ‘roos, but the field is a very lonely place for a young man with nothing to do for days. Also, there is a young lady…

Kent left his dog in the care of friends, who promised to keep him fenced and fed.

Well, of course they didn’t, and even managed to run over the dog themselves. Kent is still in shock.

It may not seem like this would be more important than the bad luck with the machine and parts, but in the bush 24 hours a day for months at a time, in this country we get very attached to them.

This is the second dog Kent’s lost in the past 2 years, and good bush dogs just don’t sprout from the dirt.

There you are in lying in the cold dirt under the excavator, breathing dust and diesel, your knuckles are bleeding and stiff from the mix of dirt, and you’ve still got 8 more bolts to go. What do you do without a dog to warn you of ‘visitors’, to lick the dust and blood off, and of course someone to talk to !

It’s as hard a life on the field for the dog as for man, shafts and machines are often a swift uncaring end to young pups ( and miners too ).

Kindest regards,